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CT Corporation

Registered Agent for Corporations

  • Any Location

Service Description

For 1 Address, Entity, Person, or Company only. Includes 3 attempts, 1st attempt within 4 days, and Proof of Service (Not Notarized). Rush (2 Days)- $145.00 Urgent (within 24 hours)- $195.00 Process Service Video- $65.00 Process Service Photo- $35.00 Courthouse Pickup (within 55 miles)- $45.00 Courthouse Filing (within 55 miles)- $45.00 Notarized Paper(s)- $35.00 each paper USPS Priority Mail- $35.00 (USPS Mail Priority Mail Affidavit Return Receipt Tracking Number) Email Proof of Service/Affidavit- FREE

Contact Details


P.O. Box 434 Elton, LA, USA

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