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Southwest Louisiana Process Service
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Areas Served in Louisiana:

Calcsasieu Parish, Jefferson Davis Parish, Allen Parish, St. Landry Parish, Acadia Parish, Cameron Parish, Lafayette Parish, Evangeline Parish, Beauregard Parish, Vernon Parish, Rapides Parish, Avoyelles Parish, St. Martin Parish, and Iberia Parish

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Southwest Louisiana Process Service serves federal, in-state, and out of state Summons and Complaints, Citations and Petitions and Subpoenas.  We also do Court Records Research, Secretary of State Filing, CT Corporation, and Corporation Service Company (CSC) filing , 

Process Service

#1 Process Server in the State of Louisiana! Serving legal documents with care and accuracy. We deliver all types of legal papers like subpoenas, summons, and complaints. Additionally, body cameras can be used on serves.

Witness Locating

Locating qualified experts for your court case to support evidence. We delve through resources to find professionals fully versed in the matters of your case.

Court Filing

Our legal experts can file your case’s documents for the parish clerk to review. We are accurate so your paperwork is accepted and fast so that your deadline is met.

Courthouse Research

Finding relevant court information, previous rulings, and public records for support evidence in your case. We save your time and effort by finding and compiling this information for you – without you needing to step into the courthouse!

Legal Courier Service

Pickup and delivery service for legal materials. Our professionals are familiar with caring for sensitive legal documents and can reliably handle materials. We can deliver when and where you need.

Southwest Louisiana Process Service

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Brandon Lavan, LPI

Telephone: 337-246-0566


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