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Facebook, Moana, and a Process Server's Ingenious Plan

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(Fictional Characters Based on True Story)

Once upon a time in the heart of Southwest Louisiana, a skilled process server named James worked for a reputable company called Southwest Louisiana Process Service. James had built a solid reputation for his ability to locate and serve even the most elusive of subjects, earning him the nickname "The Hound" among his colleagues. Little did he know that his next assignment would put his skills to the test.

The case involved a woman named Melissa, who had managed to avoid being served legal documents by the local sheriff's office and several other process serving companies. Despite over ten attempts, each time someone tried to serve Melissa, she would refuse to answer the door or somehow never available. The client, growing increasingly desperate, turned to Southwest Louisiana Process Service for help.

James accepted the challenge, determined to succeed where others had failed. He began by conducting an OSINT investigation, gathering all public available information about Melissa. One evening, while browsing through Facebook, James stumbled upon Melissa's profile. He noticed that she had been actively selling custom t-shirts on Facebook Marketplace.

With this new information in hand, James devised a cunning plan. He contacted Melissa through Facebook, posing as a father interested in purchasing three custom t-shirts for his children. James made up a story about his daughter's upcoming birthday and how she had her heart set on t-shirts featuring Moana, her favorite cartoon character.

Melissa, excited at the prospect of a sale, eagerly agreed to publicly meet up with James to get the money for the shirts. They arranged a meeting at a local Wal-Mart parking lot, where James could pay Melissa. Of course, James had no intention of purchasing a t-shirt; his sole objective was to serve Melissa with the long-overdue legal documents.

The day of the meeting arrived, and James patiently waited in the parking lot, hoping his plan would succeed. Melissa messaged James on Facebook messenger stating that she would be in a black Dodge Durango. As Melissa approached, in the black Dodge Durango to obtain the funds from him, James took a deep breath and steadied himself.

As Melissa put her vehicle in park, James exited his vehicle and confidently walked to the driver's side door of the Durango. As Melissa's drivers side window rolled down, James greeted Melissa, Melissa verbally identified herself and they shook hands. While shaking hands, James reached in his back pocket and pulled out the legal documents. Before she could react, he handed her the papers and said, "Melissa, you've just been served."

Melissa's eyes widened in shock, realizing that she had finally been outsmarted. James had successfully completed his mission, serving her the court documents on his very first attempt.

Word spread quickly about James' remarkable success, and soon, clients were clamoring for the services of "The Hound" from Southwest Louisiana Process Service. The tale of the elusive subject and the ingenious process server became a legendary story in the industry, a testament to the power of creativity, perseverance, and the ever-growing role of social media in the world of process serving.

Brandon LaVan, Process Server

Southwest Louisiana Process Service, LLC



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