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Lake Charles Process Server™ serves Court Papers in Lake Charles, LA.

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We Serve Court Papers in Lake Charles, LA - Lake Charles Process Server™

"We Serve Court Papers in Lake Charles, LA"

Filing a lawsuit is a significant step in seeking justice, but ensuring that the defendant is properly notified is crucial for the case to proceed. If you need to serve court papers in Lake Charles, LA, this guide will help you understand the process and why choosing a professional process server can make all the difference.

Understanding Service of Process in Louisiana

Service of process is a legal procedure by which a party to a lawsuit gives appropriate notice of initial legal action to another party, court, or administrative body. This ensures that the defendant is aware of the proceedings and has an opportunity to respond.

Steps to Serving Court Papers in Lake Charles, LA

Identify the Correct Documents to Serve

  • Summons: Notifies the defendant of the lawsuit.

  • Complaint: Details the nature of the allegations against the defendant.

  • Petitions for Divorce: Informs the spouse of the initiation of divorce proceedings.

  • Subpoenas: Orders a person to attend court as a witness.

  • Writs of Garnishment: Orders a third party to withhold assets from the defendant.

  • Eviction Notices: Informs tenants of the need to vacate the property.

  • Restraining Orders: Legally mandates a person to stay away from another individual.

Choose the Method of Service

  • Personal Service: Directly handing the documents to the defendant.

  • Service by Mail: Sending the documents via certified mail.

  • Service by Publication: Publishing the notice in a local newspaper (used in specific circumstances).

Select a Qualified Process Server

  • In Louisiana, hiring a professional process server is often required. Lake Charles Process Server™, led by Brandon LaVan, ensures that the process is carried out legally and efficiently.

Complete the Service

  • The process server will locate the defendant and deliver the documents. If personal service is chosen, this ensures the defendant is directly notified.

Provide Proof of Service

  • After the documents are served, the process server provides proof of service, usually a signed affidavit, which is then filed with the court.

Why Choose Lake Charles Process Server™?

Expertise and Reliability

  • Professional Service: Our team is trained to handle all aspects of process serving with discretion and professionalism.

  • Compliance: We adhere strictly to Louisiana’s legal standards, ensuring your case is not jeopardized by improper service.

  • Timely and Accurate: We understand the importance of deadlines in legal proceedings and strive to provide prompt and accurate service.

Our Services

  • Process Serving: We handle the delivery of legal documents with precision.

  • Skip Tracing: If the defendant is difficult to locate, we offer skip tracing services to find them.

  • Court Filing: We also assist with filing necessary documents in court.

Contact Us

For those who need to serve court papers in Lake Charles, LA, Lake Charles Process Server™ is here to help. Contact us at:

Let us take the stress out of serving court papers, ensuring your lawsuit proceeds smoothly.


Serving court papers is a critical step in the legal process. By following the proper procedures and choosing a reliable process server like Lake Charles Process Server™, you can ensure that your legal documents are handled correctly and efficiently. Reach out to us today to learn more about our services and how we can assist you in your legal journey.


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