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Top 8 Tools & Techniques for Skip Tracing (OSINT Edition)

"Save Contact" Search

On a burner phone that you only use for investigations and skip tracing, "Save" the subject's number into your phone contacts, then give every social media platform permission to "Find your Contacts". If the number was used to create an account, it will be located.


Create an account as an Employer. With an employer account, it gives you access to a full database of resumes. You cannot search names, but you can filter High Schools, Cities, Jobs, and other keywords.


16120 Doorking Key

Nearly every apartment complex uses the Doorking Gate Telephone Entry System. Many times as Process Servers we find ourselves "locked out" outside the gate, anxiously waiting to tailgate someone inside. Fortunately, this 16120 key gives access to the control panel where an override switch can be toggled. (Use at your own risk.)


Google Dorks

Dorking is a technique that uses advanced search operators within Google Search and other search engines to find information. Primarily used to locate security holes in the configuration and computer code within websites. Dorks can also provide investigators with opportunities to enhance intelligence gathering during OSINT investigations.


USPS (Change of Address Form)

According to website regarding "Change of Address Form 3575"...."PRIVACY NOTICE: This information you provide will be used to forward your mail to a new location. Collection is authorized by 39 USC 404. Filing this form is voluntary, but we cannot forward your mail without it. We do not disclose your information except in the following limited circumstances: to government agencies or bodies as required to perform official duties; to mailers, only if they already possess your old address; in legal proceedings or for service of process; to law enforcement as needed for a criminal investigation; or to contractors who help fulfill the service."


A very powerful tool that allows searches of the Deep Web for breached data. A user can search for Usernames, Passwords, VIN, Email Address, Ip Address, and Names.



Who's not on Facebook these days? Search for Photo, Check-in's, Timeline, Friends, Phone Number, Birthday, etc..


A FREE search engine created by Michael Bazzell, that is a "One Stop Shop" of most OSINT search engines on the web. Search the web for Usernames, VINs, Social Media, Names, Ip Address, Communities, Domains, Businesses, Videos, Images. etc..

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