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How Advanced OSINT Techniques Can Grow Your Business: A Case Study

"Databases tell you what was; OSINT shows you what is."-Brandon LaVan

Attorneys and process servers often face challenges when attempting to serve legal documents, especially if the individual has recently moved and not updated their address publicly. Relying solely on traditional databases frequently leads to dead ends, as these do not reflect recent changes swiftly enough.

Here’s how we did it:

1. Initial Clue - Facebook Discovery:

We started with the target’s Facebook profile. Social media is often overlooked but can provide significant insights into someone's personal life, including their location.

2. Connecting the Dots - Girlfriend’s Facebook:

From his Facebook connections, we found his girlfriend’s profile. People frequently appear in their significant other’s posts, which can be incredibly revealing.

3. Crucial Lead - The New House Post:

The breakthrough came when his girlfriend posted a photo in front of their new house. This image was the key to unlocking their current residence.

4. Image Analysis - Reverse Search on Yandex:

We used Yandex for a reverse image search of the house. Unlike other search engines, Yandex is particularly effective in identifying similar images across a vast database, which led us to a match.

5. Property Details - Zillow Search:

The reverse image search directed us to a Zillow page, which not only confirmed the address but also provided the recent purchase date of the property, hinting at the timeliness of the information.

6. Ownership Verification - Tax Assessor's Database:

With the address in hand, we accessed the local Tax Assessor's database. This step is crucial for legal proceedings as it confirms the ownership of the property.

7. Final Confirmation - Owner’s Identity:

The Tax Assessor's records verified that the individual in question was indeed the owner of the property, solidifying our findings and providing a reliable address for service.

This case highlights the effectiveness of OSINT in overcoming the limitations of traditional search methods in the legal field. By integrating diverse sources and analytical techniques, we can provide comprehensive solutions that significantly reduce the time and expense typically associated with serving legal documents.

Let us Help!

Are you facing similar challenges in your legal practice? Contact us to learn how our specialized OSINT services can streamline your operations and enhance your success rates in serving legal documents.

Brandon LaVan

Southwest Louisiana Process Service

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